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Giant Envie Repair and paint

Giant Envie Repair and Paint

Carbon Bike Technics Chimera!

What do you think of this?.............Introducing the CBT Chimera........... this is a bit of fun just to show what we can do ,might even ride it some time soon! 

Christmas & New Year Opening Times

Christmas & New Year Opening Times

Thursday 24th December 2015 -Closed Friday 25th December 2015 - Closed Saturday 26th December 2015 - Closed Sunday 27th December 2015 - Closed Monday 28th December 2015 - Closed Tuesday 29th December 2015 - Closed Wednesday 30th December 2015 - Closed Thursday 31st December 2015 - Closed Friday 1st January 2016 - Closed Saturday 2nd January 2016 - Closed Sunday 3rd January 2016 - Closed Monday 4th January 2016 - Open 08.30am - 16.30pm
Carbon Bike Technics Ltd wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Present Voucher

What do you buy the cyclist who 

has everything?

We would like to offer you a massive festive 

saving of £15 off a full bike service.

Just give us a call to book in......voucher is 

valid untill March 2016

Can you believe this used to be a Felt TK1 Track Bike ?

The customer contacted us to request a completely new image for his wife's Felt TK1 track frame

These are the images of what he would like the end result to be.

And this is the Finished result. A fantastic transformation I am sure you will agree.

Carbon frame Re-spray @ Carbon Bike Technics

Look at this this for a great new transformation! If you fancy a new frame or a new look, then why not consider a full re-spray. This customer knew exactly what he wanted and it was a pleasure to transform this Cube and give it a new lease of life!.

We can offer full re-sprays to any type of frame material not just carbon. Contact us for a quote. it is cheaper than you think!

New Bottle Cage Bosses @ Carbon Bike Technics

Bottle cage bosses take quite a lot of weight and stress. When they become lose or unbonded or even rip from the tube, DO NOT despair ! We can fix these and make them look as good as new!

The example below was re-carboned and a new hole made, the paintwork was touched up and new bosses inserted. I think you will agree the new one makes the old one look quite shabby now!

Raleigh - Repair and Paint to the drive side seat stay-

This Raleigh Race carbon frame was damaged on the seat stay. After the repair had been made we matched up the four different colours amazingly, and all by hand, no decals here. What a fantastic result. 

It looks as good as new!

Ribble - Raw Carbon Repair at Carbon Bike Technics

This lovely Ribble frame had just a repair ONLY option which leaves the repair black and smooth with the carbon weave showing. This process takes approx 1 week to turn around and is a cheaper option. 
Every scar tells a story! 

Trek Top Tube Repair - Carbon Bike Technics

The Metallic paint on this beautiful Trek is really hard to match, the manufacturers do not provide the RAL numbers so it is down to Neil to match all colurs by eye. I think you will agree that he has done an amzing job with this tricky colour.

Seat Tube Build Up - Amazing Carbon Bike Technics fix

We were asked if we could build up the seat tube on this Kestrel carbon frame so that it could continue its life on a turbo trainer.
I think we did a good job and we hope it has many more years of use!

New signs at Carbon Bike Technics

We love our new signs for the workshop front doors. They look fantastic!

Wow - Fantastic Carbon Frame Repair

This Cervelo Frame came into us for Repair with the seat stay in 2 pieces.

We can only repair jobs like this if you have the missing piece as the tubes are not symmetrically round and are often oval and it would be extremely difficult to create the same shape without.

As you can see the results are amazing and you cannot tell that it has had catastrophic damage.

This was much cheaper than buying a new frame !

Neil Pryde Seat Stay Repair Carbon Bike technics

The Seat stay on this beautiful Neil Pryde Carbon frame has been repaired and painted. It is great to see it back to its former glory.
Even though the damage did not look much it definitely needed to be repaired, can you imagine the consequences of vibrations or un-even surfaces this break would have eventually given way and snapped with disastrous effects. 
This whole process normally takes 3-4 weeks but if you do not have time on your side we can repair it in 1 week to 10 days to get you back on the road again and we can re-paint it at a later date.

Carbon Handlebars

These Carbon Handlebars came in for Repair to Carbon Bike Technics after a crash, we normally do not repair handlebars as it is not safe to do, however as this repair was more cosmetic than structural and the strength and structure was not comromised it was a safe to do. Each job is individual.

The top 3 pictures are the ones the customer sent in and the last 3 are of the finished repair.