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Before and repair and paint after, for the seat stay on this Specialized Carbon Frame!

Specialized Carbon frame from Monaco before and after.......What a fantastic result!

Mavic 5 Spoke Carbon Wheel Before......and after

Check out the fantastic repair that Will made on this Mavic 5 spoke carbon wheel for Great British Cycling Team.

£10 discount on all Bike services

We are giving away £10 to every customer who has their bike serviced with us during the course of February.
Come and book in with us 01283 229327 for a £10 discount to any bike service.
Gold - complete strip and assessment re-build with new cables -£80
Silver - complete check over and re-set breaks and gears using new cables - £60
Bronze - complete check over and re-set breaks and gears using original cables - £40

Pinarello Dogma - Handlebar damage

Today we received this lovely Pinarello Dogma Carbon frame which had a very unfortunate accident, the handlebars came round and crashed into the top tube.
This is quite a common type of accident and we can normally repair this kind of damage.
However we always need to see the frame first hand to make sure a safe repair can be made (safety always comes first.)

People often ask: 

Will the repair be strong? ........Yes it will be strong and perfectly fit for use. In fact it may even be stronger than before.

Will you be able to tell it has been repaired?...... If you have just a repair option then the repair will be left smooth and black with the carbon weave showing. 

Although most customers prefer to have the repair repainted. We can match up the colours by eye as the RAL numbers are not available (the manufacturer's keep this a secret!)so with some weird and wonderful colours it is as close as we can get it. We can also replace most decals, however small fine print graphics are very expe…

Carbon Bike Technics -Mavic 5 Spoke Carbon Wheel Repairs

Sent in from British Cycling Team

New Service Engineer

Carbon Bike Technics new Bike MechanicExciting News! From the 1st February 2015 we are delighted to announce that Steve will be joining us full time as a fully trained Carbon Bike Technics mechanic. 
To celebrate this occasion we are offering a £10 discount on any bike service for the whole of February!

Broken your Carbon Bike

Carbon Bike Technics we are here to help
Have you had a crash or a collision? Or do you have any concerns about a crack in the paint? We can inspect your Carbon frame to give you peace of mind. An Inspection costs £25.

Some things are easy to spot….