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Don't Replace.....Look to Repair!

Santa Cruz Swingarm

This Santa Cruz carbon swing arm came in for a repair to the drive side seat stay. 

Will has done a brilliant job on the repair. He has been with us now for nearly 3 years and his work is exceptional with an eye for perfection. 

Neil our painter matches all the paintwork by eye as the Manufacturers will not provide the Ral numbers. He does a truly amazing job. We are very proud to have these amazing young men on our team!

The pictures show before, during and after. What do you think?

Snapped Seat Stay

This Cervelo arrived today with a snapped drive side seat stay, Ouch!! is all we can say to this one! 
You may be suprised to know that as long as we have the missing piece we can actually repair it!
We will add pictures of the repair as we do it..........stay tuned!

Repair ONLY to the seat stay on a Felt carbon frame

On this Felt the customer decided to opt for a repair only option as his frame already had a carbon finish so would not require painting.

As you can see the finish is very smooth and very strong, however as we have a small selection of weaves and we cannot match every manufacturers weave. We do our very best to get as closer match as we can.

We think it looks brilliant and certainly better and cheaper than buying a new frame! from a distance you can hardly tell a repair has been made, however if anybody should notice it is always a great talking point and you can make your crash story as elaborate as you wish! everyone loves a good story !! 

Pinarello Dogma repaired seat stay air brushed Black

This frame had damage to the right hand seat stay and we repaired and painted it. 
This frame had a carbon weave matt lacquer finish and as we cannot match this look we airbrushed the repair matt black to blend in. We think it is a great solution. 

Below are the before and after images.

Before and after of a repair to the down tube and RH Chainstay on a Pinarello

This frame came into us with a repair needed to the right hand chainstay however we also noticed that there was a crack in the downtube too. We are happy to examine the full frame and check for the further damage that you may not realise is there!

 This process Takes approx 3-4 weeks from start to finish.