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New signs at Carbon Bike Technics

We love our new signs for the workshop front doors. They look fantastic!

Wow - Fantastic Carbon Frame Repair

This Cervelo Frame came into us for Repair with the seat stay in 2 pieces.

We can only repair jobs like this if you have the missing piece as the tubes are not symmetrically round and are often oval and it would be extremely difficult to create the same shape without.

As you can see the results are amazing and you cannot tell that it has had catastrophic damage.

This was much cheaper than buying a new frame !

Neil Pryde Seat Stay Repair Carbon Bike technics

The Seat stay on this beautiful Neil Pryde Carbon frame has been repaired and painted. It is great to see it back to its former glory.
Even though the damage did not look much it definitely needed to be repaired, can you imagine the consequences of vibrations or un-even surfaces this break would have eventually given way and snapped with disastrous effects. 
This whole process normally takes 3-4 weeks but if you do not have time on your side we can repair it in 1 week to 10 days to get you back on the road again and we can re-paint it at a later date.

Carbon Handlebars

These Carbon Handlebars came in for Repair to Carbon Bike Technics after a crash, we normally do not repair handlebars as it is not safe to do, however as this repair was more cosmetic than structural and the strength and structure was not comromised it was a safe to do. Each job is individual.

The top 3 pictures are the ones the customer sent in and the last 3 are of the finished repair.

Easter Opening Times

Closed Easter Weekend We will be closed from Fri 3 April to Mon 6 April.  The office will re-open on Tues 7 April 2015.  Thanks and Happy Easter - CBT Team