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New Bottle Cage Bosses @ Carbon Bike Technics

Bottle cage bosses take quite a lot of weight and stress. When they become lose or unbonded or even rip from the tube, DO NOT despair ! We can fix these and make them look as good as new!

The example below was re-carboned and a new hole made, the paintwork was touched up and new bosses inserted. I think you will agree the new one makes the old one look quite shabby now!

Raleigh - Repair and Paint to the drive side seat stay-

This Raleigh Race carbon frame was damaged on the seat stay. After the repair had been made we matched up the four different colours amazingly, and all by hand, no decals here. What a fantastic result. 

It looks as good as new!

Ribble - Raw Carbon Repair at Carbon Bike Technics

This lovely Ribble frame had just a repair ONLY option which leaves the repair black and smooth with the carbon weave showing. This process takes approx 1 week to turn around and is a cheaper option. 
Every scar tells a story!