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Giant Envie Repair and paint

Giant Envie Repair and Paint

Carbon Bike Technics Chimera!

What do you think of this?.............Introducing the CBT Chimera........... this is a bit of fun just to show what we can do ,might even ride it some time soon! 

Christmas & New Year Opening Times

Christmas & New Year Opening Times

Thursday 24th December 2015 -Closed Friday 25th December 2015 - Closed Saturday 26th December 2015 - Closed Sunday 27th December 2015 - Closed Monday 28th December 2015 - Closed Tuesday 29th December 2015 - Closed Wednesday 30th December 2015 - Closed Thursday 31st December 2015 - Closed Friday 1st January 2016 - Closed Saturday 2nd January 2016 - Closed Sunday 3rd January 2016 - Closed Monday 4th January 2016 - Open 08.30am - 16.30pm
Carbon Bike Technics Ltd wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!