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Boardman Repair Only

Check out the repair to the top tube on this Boardman. 

We cater for all budgets and it is not neccassary to have the repair painted, it will not effect/ protect the carbon in any way. We paint purely for cosmetic reasons! and hey!......every scar tells a story!


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Full Re-Sprays

"Full Re-Sprays"
We just wanted to let all our loyal customers know that we are so busy in the paint department at the moment that we cannot take on any new re-sprays until July. You are welcome to send the frame in but work will not commence until the start of July. We do not want to disappoint anyone and we just need to be realistic............ Please bare with us........."All good things come to those who wait!!!"

Derosa Top Tube Damage

Derosa Top Tube Damage

Specialized carbon repair an paint

Specialized frames repaired and painted