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Paint touch up on a Trek

Paint touch up on a Trek 

Cheeky seat tube repair

Cheeky Seat tube Repair

Happy Customers at carbon Bike Technics !!

Look what arrived today! Another happy customer. Thank you kieron what a lovely surprise!!

Is Carbon Bike Technics Busy ?!?

Are we busy ?!?

When our customers say.... " Are you busy at the moment " our reply is ..... YES WE ARE !!! Always room for a few more lol

Carbon Bike Technics - Full Bike Policy

CBT - Full Bike Policy

If any full bike is brought in for an inspection and we find it safe for a repair to be carried out we do require the frame to be stripped down for the work to be done.

The options open to every customer are as follows:

Take the bike away to be stripped and bring it back.Pay £80 for a full strip & re-build.Pay £40 for the parts to be stripped but not re-built.
We require the frames to be stripped as we lay them flat to work on them and if any repair is to be painted we need to cover up everything that is not being painted. 

It makes our lives a lot easier and we do not have enough room for full bikes either.